Ch 5 Box 2

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Kaylee was always hungry. All the time. Day and night. She knew she was going to gain a hundred pounds or more before this baby was born. She didn’t mind. She knew that the baby will be worth all the pounds. And well…she just wanted macaroni, macaroni, and more macaroni.

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Kaylee ate while Korbin looked over the clues in both of the boxes they had.

“There has to be a reason for the holes in this picture.”


“I don’t think they are only for censoring the picture. The areas being censored doesn’t make much sense anyway.”

Image result for the dragon devouring the companions of cadmus

“There has to be a reason for it.”

“Maybe we should try it on the letters or poem in the box and see if anything jumps out at us through them.”

Korbin grabbed the box and pulled out everything with text on it. He looked through everything.

“Actually I think that is what we are supposed to do. Look at this, Kaylee. These two misspelled words in the poem: ecalp and seloh. Read them backwards.”

Kaylee looked at them. “Place holes.”

They tried to find something through the holes on the poem and had no luck. They looked through the letter and grinned when they found it. “Don’t believe them.”

Kaylee still had the poem. “Look at this, Korbin. The first letters of each line in the last stanza says See Truth. What do you think that means?”

“See truth. Place holes.” Korbin took the poem from her and sat it on the table. “I think we already figured that out. Good catch on the see truth part though.” He kissed her cheek as a reward.

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Kaylee rubbed her stomach and smiled. “She’s kicking.”

Korbin put his hands on her stomach. “Do you need a break? We can put this away for the night if you want.”

She shook her head and smiled. “I’m fine. Let’s keep working on the holey picture.”

Kaylee sat down at the computer and pulled up Google. “The name of the picture is A Dragon Devouring the Companions of Cadmus. Sounds wonderful…not!”

“Look up Cadmus and see what you can find on him. Maybe it will tell us more about the dragon.”

09-29-17_3-26-17 PM

Kaylee looked for awhile and printed off the Wikipedia article that she had found. “Cadmus had intended to sacrifice a cow to Athena. He sent friends to the spring for water. His friends were killed by a water dragon. Cadmus killed the dragon and was ordered by Athena to plant the dragon’s teeth in the ground.”

Korbin held up the tooth they had gotten with the box.


“So this may represent a dragon tooth. Maybe an alligator tooth? Both are reptiles.”

Kaylee grinned and nodded. “That actually would make sense. But why would his letter say he was sending a piece of himself?”

Ch 4 Box 2

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Kaylee was excited when she checked the mail and the new box had been delivered. Her and Korbin had been waiting for it. She couldn’t wait to crack open the new box and see what they could get into with this one.

09-25-17_8-45-03 PM

While waiting for him to get home, she cleaned up the house. It was hard not opening the box, but she had promised to wait for him. Boy was she glad when he finally got home.

“The box is on the coffee table. I waited for you.”

He kissed her cheek then looked at the box. “I bet it was torture for you to wait, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. Let’s hurry and open it. I want to see what is inside.”

“I need a shower first. I am sweaty and I stink.”

Kaylee groaned knowing he was purposely making excuses for her to wait. “You are so cruel. You know that, right?”

He laughed as he went into the bathroom for his shower.

Kaylee found things to keep her busy while she waited for him. She grabbed the box as soon as the bathroom door opened. “I am opening this. No more waiting.”

She dumped the contents onto the table and saw a small white box and another yellow envelope like the first box had contained.  She opened the box first. “Flashlight?”

Korbin took it from her when she handed it to him. He hit the button and frowned. “Maybe it needs batteries.” He grabbed some and put them in before trying the button again. This time it worked.

Kaylee grabbed the envelope. She was about to open it when Korbin stopped her. He looked at the inspection sticker on the envelope.


“I didn’t think anything about it before, but this box went through a different inspector than the first. The first had the initials RS. This one has JN. Probably not important, but we’ll write it down just in case.”

Kaylee wrote it in their notebook even thought she didn’t think it would come to anything. “Can we open it now?”

“Yes, Miss Impatient.”

Kaylee opened the envelope and pulled all of the contents out. She opened the envelope that had the letter from their “pen pal” and frowned at what else was inside. She sat it with everything else.


“Is that a tooth?”

Kaylee nodded and watched Korbin pick it up.


“It’s not human. That’s obvious. That is really weird though.” Korbin sat the tooth aside and picked up the letter from the company.


“Nothing strange or even new in this letter. Maybe we should check out the website later. There may be something on there.”

Kaylee nodded as she picked up letter from their pen pal. img_0717

She found the letter really strange. “His favorite picture is of a dragon killing a man? That’s creepy.”

Korbin looked through the letter. “I guess we can start by looking to see who this Janus person is.”

09-25-17_8-46-08 PM

He put the name in Google and clicked on the first link that looked promising. “Listen to this, Kaylee. Janus is usually depicted as a two faced god because he looks to the future and the past.”

“JWJ talks about the past and the future in the letter. That must be what he is referring to then.”

Korbin printed out the page so they could look at it again later.

Kaylee glanced at the second page of the letter. “He wrote us a poem.” She read it to Korbin.


Korbin listened closely then looked at her. “Read that last line again.”

“Here I am, Dearest Friend, a piece of me for you.”

“The tooth?” He shook his head. “That can’t be. The tooth isn’t human.”

He took the poem from Kaylee and looked at it. “What is ecalp and seloh? Is he making up words now?”

“I don’t know. It’s giving me a headache just thinking about it.” Kaylee grabbed the flashlight from the table. “They had to have sent us this for a reason.”

“Turn off the lights and let’s look at everything in the dark.

Kaylee shut off the lights and turned on the little flashlight. She actually squealed when she saw something on the poem that was still in Korbin’s hand. “Look!”


Korbin looked close at it. “It’s a black light. It made the bloody fingerprint show up. We better check everything else from both boxes to see if there’s anything else.”

The two of them went through the first box and found nothing. They did find one other thing on the back of JWJ’s letter.


“I wonder what that means?”

“No clue. That does not show up anywhere else in either box.”

“Maybe we’ll figure it out with the next box.”

Korbin nodded and turned the lights back on.

09-25-17_8-50-32 PM

“Since you are getting a headache, maybe we should stop for the night. Let you get something to eat and rest.”

Kaylee nodded. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

Ch 3 Box 1

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Whoever decided to name it morning sickness obviously had it easy. If it was up to Kaylee she would have called it night sickness. The only time it seemed to hit was at night when she was trying to sleep. It made for some long nights.

It also made it easy for Kaylee to do some work on the computer while Korbin was sleeping. She decided to go back through the things they had already looked at for the Hunt a Killer game. She was afraid they may be going down a rabbit hole with the Poe connections. She knew Korbin was excited about a possible connection so she really hoped that it wasn’t a false trail.

She looked through everything they had already done. She didn’t want to look at the rest without Korbin. It was something she wanted them to do together.

As soon as he woke up, they had their breakfast and talked about their plans for the day.

Kaylee had a doctor’s appointment then they planned to go to the music store to find out about that small string on the back of the star chart.

After the doctor appointment that told them that everything was okay with their little girl, they walked over to the music store.

Korbin really seemed to like the guitars, but that was not what they were there for. After talking to someone who worked there, they had the confirmation that they needed. It was definitely a harp string.

On the way home, they stopped at a small cafe for coffee and a pastry.

Once back home, they talked about the game.

“I was looking over the things we already have. I think this might just be an introductory box and we don’t really get into it until the next one.”

Korbin nodded agreeing with her. “That’s how it feels to me also. There really isn’t much to go on with this box.”

Kaylee looked at the things they hadn’t looked at yet. “A ketchup cup from McDonalds?”


Korbin shook his head and picked up the small object. “The website says the letter will come from an inmate in a prison, mental asylum, or somewhere else. I think this is a medicine cup and our pen pal is in an asylum.”

Kaylee nodded and smiled. “That would make more sense than a ketchup cup.”

They looked at everything again.


“I think this is the best that we can do until we get the next box. We’ve examined everything that we have and I don’t think we can find anything else that we haven’t already thought of.”

Kaylee agreed and packed everything back into the envelope and put it in the box. “I guess now we just have to find something else to do to occupy our time until we get the next box.”

“Oh, I can think of more than a few things.”

Ch 2 Box 1

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Now that the nursery was finished (until Kaylee decided to change something again), she had been spending a lot of time in the room reading and just looking around. This gave Korbin time to look at the letter from their “friend” again and do a little more research into something that kept jumping out at him.

09-07-17_5-57-27 PM

He was glad he did it without Kaylee there. What he found was a bit disturbing.

He had noticed the word leak was used a few times in the letter so he wanted to see if there was anything other than the sinkhole that would connect that word to Baltimore. He found a place called Leakin Park.

09-07-17_5-57-34 PM

It seems that this park is a dumping ground for bodies. There’s even mention of a serial killer or two. He really hoped this game case isn’t leading us to any of those. That would be disturbing since the big one mentioned involved children.

He turned the computer off making sure to delete the search from the history so Kaylee wouldn’t find it. That was definitely not going to be written down in the notebook. That would upset her too much right now.

He went into the nursery and smiled as he watched her for a few minutes. They had been friends since they were toddlers. He wasn’t sure why they had never dated before. Not that it mattered now.

09-07-17_5-58-56 PM

“You don’t have to get up. You looked comfortable in the chair.” He helped her set back down.

09-07-17_5-59-10 PM

“I was wondering if you wanted to work on any of the other things in the box.”

Kaylee gave a little giggle. “You are enjoying it, aren’t you? I knew you would.”

09-07-17_5-59-46 PM

“You were right.”

“Like always.”

“I won’t say that.” He smiled and held up the swan card. “Want to tackle this one?”


She nodded and stood up. “Let’s take a picture of it then put it in the google image search and see what comes up.”

09-07-17_6-00-44 PM

Korbin followed Kaylee to the computer. He watched her search the image on the card and was amazed at how many things popped up for it. He watched her click on a picture that looked like the card.

“It’s from this book here that was printed in London in 1820. Infants Cabinet of Birds and Beasts.”

09-07-17_6-00-44 PM

“It is on the same page as a vulture. May want to write this all down. It could be important to the game.”

Korbin wrote it down as she did more research on the card.

“Korbin, didn’t the letter say something about wishing he had a pen?”

He checked the letter before answering her. “Yeah. Why?”

“A female swan is called a pen. There’s also a ballet that was performed in Baltimore called The Swan that was about a serial killer who used a pen maul as his weapon.” Kaylee looked over at Korbin who was just standing there like he was lost in thought. “Write all of this down, then you can tell me what you are thinking.”

He quickly wrote all of the stuff down in the notebook. “There is a swan connection to Poe. More than one actually.”

He sat down on the floor beside the computer to talk to her. “Poe proposed to a woman named Sarah Helen Whitman in a place called Swan Point Cemetery. It wasn’t in Baltimore though. It was in Providence.”

Kaylee gave him an odd look. “You really do know way too much about that man, you know.”

Korbin blushed a little and shrugged. “I was fascinated with him during high school. I wanted to learn everything I could about him.”

“Sounds more like an obsession than a fascination.”

He held up the notebook. “And look how much help it has been with this.”

She knew he had a point there. “You said there was more than one connection. What else?”

“He wrote a poem called Fanny that references a dying swan.”

She frowned a little thinking about that. “That’s a bit morbid. Very Poe-like. Anything else?”

He nodded. “Just one more that I can think of right now. Poe wrote a short story called William Wilson. It was the inspiration for the movie Black Swan.”

“Wasn’t that the movie about the ballerina who kind of turned evil and dies?”

He nodded.

“Swans and ballets. I would definitely say there’s a connection to Poe with that. Write it down.”

They spent more time researching the swan and not finding much else until suddenly Kaylee called out. “Bring me that star chart. I may have found something.”


Korbin grabbed the chart and took it to her. “What did you find?”

Kaylee pointed to the constelation at the top of the chart with the name Cygnus. “Listen to this about Cygnus.” She turned back to the computer and read something to him. “Although most obviously a swan in Europe, Cygnus had, like Lyra, once been seen as a vulture, making it an obvious destination for those human souls being accompanied into the afterlife by a psychopomp (Greek for ‘soul carrier’) in the guise of the celestial vulture.” She read more to Korbin about Cygnus and Lyra and a harp.

Korbin turned the star chart over and looked at the object taped to the back.


“I bet this is a harp string. Maybe we can take it to a music store and see if they know for sure.”

Kaylee nodded and smiled. “We can do that tomorrow. It’s too late to do it tonight. I do have another idea for tonight though.”

She turned off the computer and grabbed Korbin’s hand. She pulled him outside and grinned as she laid down on the ground. “I won’t be able to do this much longer.”

“Your belly will make it too hard for you to get up and down.” He kissed her cheek and smiled. “I would be here to help you though.”

“You are too sweet. Now lay down here with me. Let’s see if we can find Cygnus and Lyra.”

Chapter 1

09-07-17_12-39-56 PM

When Kaylee first brought the box into the house, Korbin was not thrilled with the idea of investigating a “murder” case. Once they started working on it together, he had to admit that it was fun and interesting.

It gave them both something to do during their breaks from getting the nursery setup for their daughter. Unplanned daughter is more accurate, but they are both very excited about this upcoming new adventure in their lives.

Both Kaylee and Korbin had been contestants on different Bachelor/Bachelorette type shows. Kaylee was kicked off halfway through the show. Korbin made it to the finals. It was rough for him for a bit afterwards, but Kaylee helped cheer him up. She’s been one of his best friends for years and knew from experience how painful it was to be eliminated.

Their friendship slowly turned to more after they moved in together. Both are now happy that they didn’t find their true loves on the shows. They are planning their wedding which will now be pushed back to after their daughter is born.

While Kaylee was sleeping, Korbin decided to look over the notes they had already taken on the things in the box. He pulled out the news article. “I wonder what these blacked out parts say.”


Just out of curiosity, Korbin decided to google the title of the article.

09-07-17_11-32-17 AM

He was surprised when a link showed up to the full article. (Hint: Click on the words “full article” and it will take you to it.) He printed out the full article then highlighted the missing words. Something about it sounded familiar.

He went through the things they had already looked at and compared it to the article. He found what he was searching for. He grabbed a pen and circled the words in the article that had caught his attention.  He heard Kaylee waking up and couldn’t wait to fill her in on what he found.

09-07-17_12-52-39 PM

He wasn’t surprised when he found her in the nursery. “Making changes again?”

She smiled and shook her head at him. “Not really. Just added another book to the bookcase. Can never have too many books to read to her.”

“When you are finished adding books, I have something to show you. I found something interesting in that box from your killer friend.”

“He’s not my killer friend.” She was excited to see what he had found.

09-07-17_12-55-45 PM

“He’s not my friend, and he’s mailing this stuff to you. That makes him your friend.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “It is a fun little game thing. The guy doesn’t really even exist.”

09-07-17_12-56-28 PM

“Unless he does. What I found today is an actual legit thing. If it exists in the real world, maybe this guy does also.”

09-07-17_12-56-17 PM

That made her stop for a second and think about that. “Let’s not go there, Korbin. I signed up for a game. Not for some freaky bounty hunter type deal.”

Since he didn’t want to upset her, he let it drop. He was really wondering about how real this game truly was though.

He took her to the computer in the living room and showed her the article.

09-07-17_12-51-09 PM

He held up the copy he printed out and showed her the highlighted parts. He then grabbed the letter they had gotten from the “friend.”


Kaylee looked at the article then at the letter then grabbed them from him. “So all his rambling about leaks and pipes was a clue to the article? These words are word for word what is blacked out in the article if you ignore the street names and people names.” She pointed to the words in the letter that Korbin had highlighted.

She was really excited now. They had managed to connect something to the letter that may seem important. “I wonder if there’s any connection to this article and Poe?”

“I think that may be stretching things a bit.”

“It doesn’t hurt to explore the idea though. We never know what we may miss if we don’t look.”

09-07-17_12-51-35 PM

Kaylee spent a little time searching for a connection between the sinkhole and Edgar Allan Poe. She found a few little things, but nothing too major. “Poe’s grave is a few blocks away near the Hippodrome theater.”

“Did they show that creepy Swan play at that theater?”

09-07-17_12-51-23 PM

Kaylee did a quick search and shook her head. “They performed Swan Lake, but not The Swan.”

“So the only connection is that Poe is buried nearby?”

“It seems that way.” Kaylee turned off the computer then turned to Korbin. “I’m starving. Want to head to the city for dinner tonight?”

Intro: We Got It!

“We got it!”

09-02-17_12-26-48 AM

Korbin looked at his friend and roommate having no clue what she was talking about this time. “What did we get?”

He eyeballed the red and black box she held up. “What is that?”

09-02-17_12-27-37 AM

“It’s our first package from our serial killer.”

That sure got Korbin’s attention. “Our what?

Kaylee rolled her eyes. “Do you ever pay attention when I talk?”

09-02-17_12-28-04 AM

“Not really.” He did actually tune her out a lot. She was always jumping from one topic to another and it was hard to keep up with her. Most of the time she was just talking about the latest crazy thing she had done…like her going on that show to try to marry that singer, Ace. And now she’s saying we are getting mail from a serial killer. This may be the craziest thing yet.

09-02-17_12-28-22 AM

“One of these days, you are going to wish you actually listened to me.”

“This may be one of those times.” He saw the look she gave him and decided not to push it. “Now, tell me about this new pen pal of yours.”

09-02-17_12-28-29 AM

This time Korbin listened to Kaylee as she explained about the box. “So let me see if I understand this. Once a month, this “person” is going to send a box that contains clues to some mysterious murder that we have to solve?”

She nodded and smiled, happy that he finally got it. “This first case will have eight boxes.”

“It will take eight months to solve this thing?” He wasn’t sure he could keep with it that long.

“It won’t be that bad. It’s not like we have to spend all of our time on it. It’s just an occasional thing to do for fun. It’s just a game that is based on a true case type of thing.”

She had worn him down. Just like she always did. “Okay. I’ll help you with it. I am not doing the majority of the work though. You better not decide to quit halfway through either. You know that annoys me when you do that.”

“I’m not going to quit. Let’s see what they sent us.”

Kaylee opened the box and found a letter and a big yellow envelope.


They sat the envelope aside and read the letter first.

Korbin finished the letter and sat back waiting for her to finish. “That was interesting. Odd, but interesting.”

He picked up the envelope and checked it out. It looked normal aside from there not being a return address.

He decided to open it and dumped the contents onto the table.

Another envelope was inside. Kaylee picked it up seeing that it was already open. “I guess this one didn’t make it past the scanner. I wonder what our “friend” had in it that didn’t pass the inspection.”

She removed the folded paper and noticed it was actually two sheets: a letter, and a redacted news article.

She sat the article aside to read the letter first. (Ignore the blue highlights. Those were made by me before I started writing out my notes on notepaper.)


Korbin read the letter and frowned a bit after setting it down. “That is dark and a bit morbid. Reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.”

Kaylee nodded and pointed to a couple lines of the letter. “I think he used a few of his lines. Right here, “weak and weary.” Those are part of the first line of “The Raven.”

Korbin pointed to another line in the first paragraph. “This about the heart, and the entire paragraph about the hunter stalking the prey…that is “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

Kaylee grabbed a notebook and pen. “We should write all of this down. It could be nothing, but it could also be a clue. Why would he be using things from Poe if he didn’t want us to connect it to something else?”


Are you a hunter?

This is the post excerpt.

“On The Hunt” was an idea I came up with thanks to my sister. A few months ago she told me that she had signed us up to get a monthly package from a serial killer. At first I thought she was crazy. Then I remembered seeing ads on Facebook for something called Hunt a Killer. I remembered checking it out and thinking that it could be fun. Well apparently my sister did also since she signed up for it. So now, once a month we get a box of “clues” to solve a case. The first case we are working on is a total of 8 boxes. We are four boxes into it right now with another box coming soon.

“On The Hunt” is based on these boxes. I am using two Sims that I had created for two selection challenges. They both have been eliminated (even though Korbin was one of the final two). Korbin and Kaylee are going to go through these boxes and clues and try to solve the case. Basically they will be Hunting a Killer.

Feel free to add your own input into the case if you want. I would actually love to know what you think on some of the items. I will be posting photos of the actual items that came in the box.

If it sounds like something that you would be interested in exploring yourself, you can find the website at Hunt A Killer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.