Ch 8 Box 3

10-21-17_9-45-11 PM

The new box came while Korbin was at work. Kaylee had sent him a text letting him know it was waiting when he got home. She decided to occupy herself with some writing on the computer until he got home.

10-21-17_9-51-25 PM

She waited until he was home and had showered before opening the box.

“We may as well check the inspector list first.”

Korbin nodded as Kaylee logged onto the Listening Friends of America website and put in the information for the inspector list.21231003_681439968713244_3553984599664628244_n

She looked through the list and frowned a bit. “He no longer needs his hospital bracelet? Is he being released?”

Korbin shrugged and picked up the letters. “Let’s save the rest of that for later and just see what our friends have to say this month.”

Kaylee walked with him to the sofa and sat down. Her back was bothering her so she was happy to relax while going through the box.21106550_681439832046591_6757670496346985076_n

Korbin read through the letter then pointed to the signature. “It changed again. Madson is no longer the Vice President?”

“Well the letter does say there are changes being made. Maybe that is one of them. They demoted him.”

She grabbed the letter from JWJ to read through it.21106366_681439738713267_8838739920659561099_n

She looked close at the letter as she read it. “This is written oddly. Some of the letters are replaced with numbers.” She handed it to Korbin to look at.

“The last paragraph mentions the binary system. Maybe it’s using a binary code?”

Kaylee shrugged. “I do not know anything about that stuff. That is your area.”

Korbin wrote down the code and spent a bit of time working it out.

01001001 01100111 01101111 01110100 01001101


Kaylee looked at him making an odd face. “What in the hell does that mean?”

Korbin shook his head. “Your guess is as good as mine.”

2 thoughts on “Ch 8 Box 3”

  1. Mr. James seems to be rather an intelligent man, writing in code. Seems strange that he is in an asylum. And of course, our Mr. Madson has a new title again, and things are changing. How interesting. And the talk of food…and cutbacks to food, is that symbolic or just banter?

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