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Korbin Wood

Korbin is a quiet man who lives with his best friend Kaylee in Windenberg. He did time in the military which he refuses to speak about. Even Kaylee does not know what he went through during his time overseas. She only knows that it was something bad. Bad enough to create a break from his family.

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Kaylee Randle

Kaylee is one of those girls who when an idea pops into her head, she has to do it, no matter how crazy it is. It has gotten her and Korbin into some interesting situations. It has also how they came to be hunting a killer.

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John William James

JWJ is an interesting character. Not a lot is known about him. Actually nothing is really known about him. He is the man that is sending the packages each month to Korbin and Kaylee. Other than the little bits in each package, nothing else is known about JWJ.

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George Masden

George is the Vice Present of a place in Baltimore called Listening Friends of America. The packages all come from this location.

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Rachel Scalione

Rachel is the inspector who clears everything in the package before it is sent to Korbin and Kaylee.